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Pragjyotishpur Apartments, in Plot 7, Sector 10, Dwarka, never misses a chance to celebrate Assamese festivals, since a majority of its population hails from the state. Tapping one's foot to the reverberating beats of the traditional dhol while wolfing down varieties of the winter-special pithe, it’s hard not to imagine oneself in Assam. President Dr Nilmani Sarmah said, “There are 140 flats in all, and there are Assamese families in about 100 of them. So it feels like a mini Assam here. The very name of the society — Pragjyotishpur, the ancient capital of Assam — suggests our links with the state.” He added, “Since the inception of the society in 1983, we have tried to hold on to our culture. But the entire community — Assamese or not — celebrates with us. We want to pass on this legacy to the next generation.”


Pragjyotishpur Apartments
  • Plot No.-7, Sector 10, Dwarka, Delhi, Delhi
  • Phone: 011-25360248
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