About Us

AZORE is a comprehensive, one-stop digital solution for all the myriad needs of urban residential society management teams and co-operatives.

What does it do - Residential societies have proliferated across the country not just in terms of number but in terms of size too. As these clusters of residential units continue to grow, the need for a system to efficiently manage them grows too. It becomes a Herculean task to take care of necessities such as security, grievance redressal, rent collection and general accounting at such a large scale. AZORE helps management teams handle every aspect of society management in an efficient and hassle free manner. Our smart and 100% user friendly society management software makes things surprisingly easy by reducing the amount of manual effort required; it also helps in eliminating errors and automating a number of repetitive but important tasks.

AZORE endeavours to make residential society management easy, efficient and transparent for management teams across the country. Our ‘Zero Stationery’ approach envisions a digital and eco-friendly management system that operates in a sustainable manner by reducing the amount of stationery, especially paper, required in the day to day management activities.